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Transit Point

Transit Point

Published: Feb 2014

Anna is a descendant of colonists fleeing the crowded inner worlds. Lucas is an Explorer from the inner worlds. Together they will change the lives of everyone on her planet.

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Additional Projects

Rebekah - Todd and Mouse didn't want to move, but with their father missing, their mother didn't have many options. They are exploring the area when they find an ornate bottle in an old shed. Together they open it. The boys are surprised when a thick smoke pours from the opening and forms into a Djinni. When their mother also goes missing, and her disappearance is linked to another Djin bottle, it's up to the boys and Rebekah to find them and find out what is going on.

Taga - The planet Taga has been colonized for over 400 years. The habital lands are divided into twenty-five farms and each run by a single family. Terraforming isn't cheap, and mortages spanning generations are used to pay for the work. Without warning, the Owning Families are notified that that mortgage is being foreclosed. Now they need to find out who or what wants their home, and why.



In Progress

Not all monsters are the stuff of imagination. Most are. Or they are the distortion of stories told, and retold, elaborated on for effect and given weaknesses to make the tellers feel safer.

But what of those monsters that aren't fiction. That are real, but find themselves in a world of radio, television, video. Easily captured on film. Leaving a digital trail that can be tracked by the diligent few.

How would such creatures live in the world?

This is an exploration into a possibility. A place where the monsters carved out a life, found a job, and worked to hold on to some shred of humanity.

The story is told from the point of Agent Callan Zolonski. Battered by events throughout his life, Callan seeks knowledge of the hidden things. The angels that cannot be explained by rational means.

He finds the monsters, or they find him. And his life is never the same.